The most convenient and FREE*
way to convene the team for the game!

Unlike, for example, Viber, Whatsapp, VK or FB in our service everything is in order.
Answers and chat rooms are separated.

First, we created App for our own team. Then we began to receive many requests and positive feedbacks and decided to make our service available for everyone.

Use all FORSPO facilities FORSPO

Notify players about upcoming games and trainings with our smart service. Save your time, money and nerves ;)

Create an invitation and get the answers: Yes, no, don't know. Nothing extra!
Event cancelled? One click – all are notified.
Making information messages with read confirmation.
The player subscribed and didn't come? Played and didn’t pay? Impale him!

And many other features…

Control the number of participants.
Specify the limit – there will be no busting.
Duplicate invitations via SMS
Redirection – players can invite their friends if you have a shortfall
Leaving? Appoint any player as the administrator and he will help you.
Captain’s opportunity to register the player himself.
"Woodpecker"- function. Every hour "push"
is sent until you answer anything.

How does it work? The video presentation!

User reviews

We have been using ForSpo for gathering players on a lapta-game in Rostov-on-don. This service is incredibly simplifying a process of sending invitations for the game. Anyway, now there is less calls – one just needs to send reminders to players on time and get feedback from them =) special thanks to the developers! They are very attentive to all the wishes for modernization and quick enough to perform them. Respect! We will be happy to use and recommend an application to anyone who regularly needs to arrange people for assembling a large company.
Arthur Chubarov
The organizer of lapta-games. Russia, Rostov-on-don
I’m an organizer of games and tournaments in volleyball among fans. For me the app is very convenient. Assembling three teams of our club is easier now :) Happy with updated mobile app with many functions!
Aliya Andbaeva
Organizer of Volleyball fans club FVClub. Kazakhstan, Astana App, in my opinion. is a great help in organizing work at any level (Amateur and professional). The advantage of the application "ForSpo", for example, compared with social networks, which are currently the most common means of mass information, is a quick and convenient message of necessary information to the participants of various events. There is no need to worry about that an event-participant will forget where to vote (if we are talking about any polls created by the organizers) and not miss important information that may get lost in the flow of other information. What is also very convenient, is the ability to view online the number of players who voted to control the whole situation of the event. Client manager and Project manager are very adequate, friendly and eager to meet, trying to please all the whims of the organizers depending on the task (but with the mind, because this is important). Application’s Support is organized in a direct dialogue that allows you to understand all the situations exactly. So I wish dynamic growth and long lasting success!
Andrey Shmakov
Russia, Moscow
Very good app!!!
Andrey Danilov
Coach youth football "Ural". Russia, Yekaterinburg

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